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She also speculated that Mario was just too jealous of her growing success, as she was making thousands of dollars every year while filming report, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she has moved on from Mario Singer – at least when it comes to his handyman skills.While Ramona hasn’t announced a brand new relationship yet, she has revealed that she’s dating and keeping her options open.“Sonja and Jill looked horrified,” says a second source.“Meanwhile, Bobby and Mario are in a corner talking up a storm with Kasey.

this summer, where Cohen guides strangers through stories of their blind dates in the hopes that, in the end, one couple will decide to make a real go of it.No doubt Singer is making sure not to completely jump into a new relationship after the heartbreak she endured earlier this year as the source also claims the pair are 'not dating exclusively at the moment.'The business tycoon is the CEO of Smart Source, LLC which is a print and promotional distributor which promises a 'one stop shop' for any company looking for a way to manage branded communication costs.Ramona Singer is still looking for love, but her ex-husband is happily shacking up with the woman who ruined their marriage!Because Cohen knows Ramona so well, he was able to pick up on what went down and hilariously called out the reality star for trying to cover up the kiss.will feature a wide range of contestants, including gay couples, interracial couples and elderly couples.

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