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Surveys and interviews were conducted in order to gather empirical evidence about perceptions and self-reported use of bitch and slut among college women in the Emory University community.

Collected data supports the prediction of bitch and slut used for identity construction and for indexing a close relationship to other women.

We don't get to choose whether other people choose to do the "homework" necessary to heal, do we? They were the isolated and unconnected scenes that formed the disjointed narrative of her sexual journey.

Lopez, Alex (2014) Honors Thesis (162 pages) Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Tamasi, Susan L Committee Members: Pak, Marjorie ; Scott, Tracy L Research Fields: Language, Linguisitcs; Sociology, General; Women's Studies Keywords: Linguistics; Identity; Relationship; Speech Community; Gender; Bitch; Slut Program: College Honors Program, Linguistics Language is often engaged in creating or conveying identities.

One can use various linguistic features to demonstrate an independent or a shared identity, which is to employ linguistic characteristics that are associated with a specific identity.

The purpose of this study is to 1) identify if Emory college women are using bitch and slut in their interactions 2) investigate how they are using the words and 3) identity what their motivation is for using the words, specifically if bitch and slut are used for identity and relationship work.

Through qualitative and quantitative approaches, this paper explores how bitch and slut manifest in interactions and contribute to identity and relationships.

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However, dude is more commonly associated with men.

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