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Undeniably, using i Phone 4 Facetime to connect individuals looking for a "good time" is ultra convenient.Further, with adult companies even providing their employees with i Phones to promote this venture, this could take off.

"Cool, cool," I thought while watching the search giant's product announcement, "I can chat with Mom from wherever I am and she can see that I'm safe, sound and relatively happy." But when the company unveiled the Knock Knock feature, things went decidedly person before you even answer the call.As featured on NBC & CBS News, Daily Herald, Appolicious, i Phone Mom, and more! Santa's Magic Phone Call & Text is an essential tool that every parent and child should have. CALL, and GET CALLED with your personal direct line to Santa.Video messages are free, but for an additional fee parents can buy their child more detailed personalizations, views of Santa's village and news of whether they are on the naughty or nice list this year. Catch A Character Show your kids proof that Santa was in their home with Catch A Character — an app that allows parents to create free photos using images of their own home, along with stock images of Santa Claus.With much buzz towards the i Phone 4 Facetime feature being used for naughty video chatting, the company has definite concerns about its squeaky-clean image.

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